Beautiful South American Landscapes

1.   Easter Island, Chile

This landscape is in Chile and is beautiful in its own way. This Island is unique and is located two thousand miles away from the shore of Chile. The Island is scattered with statues all around its coast from its native previous villages. The statues were constructed by Polynesians. Some ancient villages of South America.

2.   Galaxy Cave, Bolivia

The Galaxy Cave is unique and beautiful in its own way of having beautiful designed ceilings and old infrastructure. It was originally used as a burial place for burying people which make this place a little bit of horror type. The cave was not discovered before 2002 and was discovered by two local townspeople.

3.   Iguazu Falls, Brazil

This waterfall is impressive and beautiful, and the near townspeople enjoy the look of it. The place only doesn’t have this beautiful look but also have different types of animals. The place wears a new look in summer and becomes a new venue of contributions and exhibitions. Birds are always chirping there such as The Coati Bird.

4.   Atacama Desert, Chile

There is a saying that the Atacama Desert is the driest region in the world and where rainfall has never been seen. The archaeologists try spending their time in the desert and study about, but they cannot seem to stay in that place for too long. The place is about the size of 40000 square miles, roughly too hot everywhere.

5.   Angel Falls, Venezuela

The Angel Falls is the biggest waterfall in the world if compared to Niagara Falls it is about twenty times bigger. This waterfall has unique and impressive landscape type. It can be toured by a boat and see its beautiful landscape in front of everyone.

6.   Santuario de Las Lajas, Colombia

The legend has it that a mother and a daughter took refuge in this church in a storm period. They happened to see Virgin Mary’s face on a rock. This place has been very popular and very beautiful in its architecture. The place infrastructure is very impressive and well designed and is really a great place for tourism visits.

7.   Iguazu Falls, Brazil/Argentina

The landscape is located at the border of Brazil and Argentina. The Argentinian border is larger in area of Iguazu Falls and is seen by farmers and villagers often. The Place can be toured by a boat trip. In the spring Iguazu Falls becomes a seat of many social gatherings.